For HMST – 1994

For HMST – 21 September 1994

My dearest love, where’er you are,
just through that door, beyond that star,
exploring mysteries of heaven
this year without 4711,
I will not try to understand
that realm beyond air, sea, and land
nor vainly strive to clutch and hold
our sixty years of variant gold
nor rack my mind to comprehend
how life so live could ever end.
My birthday present shall be this
(the first I gave without a kiss)
– the promise that I made to you
to walk expecting a way through,
to trust, to trample down despair,
for those who’ve loved us, here or there.
You still are mine and I am yours
in all I do while life endures
until I come where you have gone
and know, with you, as I am known.

Poems of Love

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