For HMST – 1997

For HMST – 21 September 1997

Always a step ahead, you’re eighty-three,
My life-support, contending other me,
Or am I other you? It’s hard to know,
But Maths make plain – two into one won’t go.
‘The posture of duality’, I wrote.
You loved the thought, but struck a different note:
The twain one flesh, the faith in which we wed,
Two glad but different persons in one bed,
Would be fulfilled as spirits, yours and mine,
Were yielded to the hands of Love divine.
We took that bearing for our life’s True North,
Though compass needles wobbled back and forth.
Though from our course we strayed, perverse and far,
We knew the turn to find our guiding star.
Comrade, competitor, true love, best friend,
One day I’ll catch you up, and time will end.

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