Near and Far

For HMST – 21 September 2001

‘Eternity and time becoming one’
you wrote for Daniel’s one day in our world.
Now do you share his new day, his new world?
We yearn and ask, unanswered. Yet we know
To the penitent dying thief our Lord said, ‘You
this day will be with me in Paradise.’

You, who were half my life, and are so still,
hover by chair and fireside, rocky hill;
but, as in our goodbye we knew fulI well,
nor you nor I could tell
how close, now, or how infinitely far
a being you are.

Only when I by grace, can let all go,
all right to keep or know,
when I can breathe in hope and conquer fear
then you are near.

Poems of Love

For Honor Mary