Oxford satires

In 1946, Michael Thwaites returned to Oxford to complete his studies under the Rhodes Scholarship – but he returned as a man with a wife, two children, and six years of naval war service behind him. Oxford in 1946 had many such students, and much had changed since 1939.

He rejoiced in the return to a privileged academic life, and during that period contributed a series of satirical but appreciative poems to the monthly Isis, the university magazine.

Oxford satires

  • Oxford Revisited

    Oxford! What change indeed is here!
    Where are the sweets of yesteryear?

  • Shakespeare at Toggers

    Now all the youth of Oxford are on fire
    And dog-eared learning in the Radder lies.

  • Omar in Stat. Pup.

    Awake! For morning like a faithful Scout,
    Has touched the switch that put repose to rout,

  • Punt Counter Punt

    Mid all these problems we’re confronting
    I come to sing the praise of punting! –

  • Summer Song

    The Summer Term! What tales are told
    By greybeards of the days of old –

  • Tale of an ex-Static Water Tank

    Beside the Camera’s bulk rotund
    The impassioned prophet strode,

  • A Vision of Degree Day

    The drowsy air, the throngs that gaze,
    The ceremonial stir,
    Mixed with the drone of Latin phrase..