Sweet solitude

My true and only wife, farewell
– And now that she is gone,
A mistress comes with me to dwell
And claims me for her own.

Sweet solitude, my supple slave,
Delicious concubine
Come, seize the joys we might not have
While She was here – Be mine!

She comes – O unresisting bliss
Submits without a word,
Modest, intent, her single thought
To please her sovereign lord.

I smile, she smiles, my frown is hers
I speak, my self replies
What I protest, she too avers
What I deny, denies.
What pair knew such enveloped bliss
O solitude, as we?

No breath to question, weigh, or need
My wisdom, will and powers
What rapture e’er was so complete
O solitude, as ours?

Then whence this impulse, strange, perverse,
To carp at such complaisance?
What could become a despot worse
Than wearying of obeisance?

But gruesome that all notes I touch
Yet cannot strike a wrong chord.
O, save me from the weight of such
Insufferable concord!

And, wrapped in this rose-sickening bliss
Trimmed of the tiniest thorn
My lips of passion frame – what’s this?
O horrible! – a yawn!

Come back my wife, my darling, please,
Curtail this horrid whoring!
This creature mirrors me, and she’s
Unutterably boring.

Poems of Love