When the two galaxies collided
obliterating in instant mini-time
a universe of suns and planets
with or without their myriad forms of life,
it was light-years away, in unplumbed space,
causing no trouble elsewhere…
The whole thing was a total accident.
Regrets: but guilt and blame not relevant.
A cosmic ‘No Fault’ clause covered the lot.

So where on earth did it all begin –
our infinitesimal tribe of arbiters,
judgers of light and darkness, deeper shocked
by blind insensate chaos
than blackest evil with a shape discerned?
– Siloam’s mindless tower,
tsunami rolling over children’s bones,
slaughter of innocents with no scheming Herod,
the cells of cancer growing in blind greed
that took away my friend, my love, my wife,
the voice and words, the music of my life.

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