Equal Rights for Emus

Come down from that Crest! It’s Australia Day, Emu –
We just want to say, mate, how much we esteem you.
Don’t leave all the glamour to that Kangaroo –
Claim your right self-esteem: let’s evaluate you.
Kangaroos do their tricks, with hops, joey and pouch,
But how about running? They’ll find you’re no slouch!
‘Don’t rubbish Australia!’ You never refuse –
Eat the lot, and digest it, and put it to use.

Family Values! That’s where you come into your own,
Where the signs of a true Aussie battler are shown.
And what you may lack in charisma or beauty
Is more than made up by your high sense of duty.
Some birds flash their feathers, and make a great noise,
But just when they’re wanted, they’re off with the boys.
Not you! When the wife lays her eggs, says ‘That’s done,
I’m off with my friends for some food and some fun’,
With patient acceptance you start on your sitting,
For food or diversion your post never quitting.
For fifty-six days there you sit and you sit,
Never once heard to use the expletive ‘Oh, blow!’

And when the chicks hatch, start to peck, fluff and waddle,
To fathers of families you’re still a role model.
You guide them and teach them and keep them in sight
And gather them in from the chill of the night.
If asked what impels you to such dedication,
‘I’m sitting,’ you say, ‘for the great Emu Nation.’

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