Easter Hymn

Out of the cloud my Lord the Sun,
Out of the earth my Lady Spring,
Out of the seed the Princeling green,
Out of the grave my God and King.
Sing, Oh sing.
This is the time of bursting barriers, the ice melting,
Birds singing and winging abroad, the shooting of foliage,
Triumph and joy of earth and heaven both.
Joy, man, with both.
For He our saviour, God and man,
Is risen from death, Nature’s prime law,
Is risen at Nature’s festival
Of power; ’twas this He perished for.
Joy therefore man with a double joy; joy in obedience
To the pulse of Earth Mother, leaping and live within us,
But joy in the Christ earth bore but could not fetter,
Whose love home to our Father’s house shall win us.

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