Just Coming

For HMST – 21 September 1998

Down arches of the years I hear your voice
explaining serials of our late departures,
each unforeseen but quintessential detail:
my cue, relax and turn the engine off,
think of George Herbert, church-bound, newly wed,
‘Stay not for the other pin…oh be drest.’

‘Just’ was my signal to unwind, to ponder
mysterious elasticities of language –
Einstein on space-time, Relativity,
how light can bend, be flexible, conceptions
beyond my grasp. I drowsed
till in you bounced, sat, clasped your seatbelt, settled
and we were off.

Now is my turn to be just coming
with liberties of time that ‘just’ allows.
I must send words beyond our universe
where, roles reversed, who knows?
You wait with patience in some new dimension –
the love that moves the sun and all the stars.

Richard’s choice

Poems of Love

For Honor Mary